A Network of Recharge Points for Electric Vehicles in Spain

Nissan-Leaf_Electric-vehicleSpanish energy group Endesa it has signed Wednesday an agreement with Japanese automaker Nissan to set up a network of recharge points for electric vehicles. The announcement comes a day after Endesa said it had inked a deal with Japanese conglomerate Mitsubishi Corporation to work together on the development of electric vehicles.

Nissan and Endesa have agreed to advance the technical progress and deployment of Direct Current (DC) quick charging technology throughout Spain,” it said in a statement. This is in parallel to the work started earlier this year between Endesa’s parent company, Italy’s ENEL and Nissan‘s Alliance partner Renault on Alternative Current (AC) quick charging technology.

“The network will be compatible with the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle, which is expected to go on sale in Spain in June 2011.” Endesa Chairman Borja Prado said the group is “committed to be the leading utility for electric vehicles in Spain and Latin America, and that is why we are partnering with the most important players in this market, such as Nissan.”
Under the deal signed on Tuesday, Mitsubishi is to introduce its i-MiEV electric vehicle in Spain while Endesa, owned by Italy’s largest power company Enel, would build infrastructure to provide power to electric vehicles  in the country.
The two companies also aim to explore the possible expansion into the European Union and Latin America.
Earlier this month Spanish Finance Minister Elena Salgado was in negotiations with Mitsubishi over the possible construction of a plant in the northwestern port of Vigo to produce parts for electric vehicles.

Spain’s Socialist government has said it plans to invest 590 million euros (770 million dollars) over two years in the development of an electric vehicle and hopes to see 250,000 such vehicles on the roads by 2014.

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