A New Futuristic Automotive Solution for Nissan iV Electric Vehicle

Nissan-iV Electric VehicleNow we should say that Nissan’s vision for future automotive solution is both ingenious and practical because the Nissan iV electric vehicle is proof of it all.

With its perfect amalgamation of sports and performance aesthetics the Nissan iV is completely based on nature’s intelligence like the chassis that is re-enforced with spider silk composite that is extremely robust and lightweight.

This ultra-lightweight sports tourer will have automotive components developed from organic synthesis based on carbon neutral process. The vehicle comfortably seats 4 people and the cabin is made from photovoltaic material that is 99% less heavy than glass.

It also has a solar panel in the canopy and a bio-battery that uses super-capacitor technology to regain 60% of kinetic energy spent.

Talking about the drive-train Nissan iV has hub-less-in-wheel motors that also functions as steering and suspension courtesy magnetic levitation. Independent wheel controls via the concentric magnetic rings that amplify rotation for high-speed performance ensure top-notch handling and manoeuvrability.



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