A ready to use urban info point goes on solar power

Urban-Info-Point-Solar-PowerOne of the greenest sources of energy, solar power is working now for urban use.

Many eco gadgets are using solar power to recharge their batteries. The idea of Matteo Straforini consists in an urban info point powered by sun were you can get information about the city. Having an urban design to make it easy and ergonomic to use, it has solar panels on its structure that can rotate. The solar panels mounted on the sail of the structure are following the sun’s inclination completing a 180 degrees whole rotation, imagining a sunflower.

A touch screen on the dashboard allows the user to navigate through the menu, different categories for browsing. The shape unique and the ability to rotate, following the motion of the sun gives it advantages of being chosen. With a correct installation the energy efficiency could be increased and the solar panels will receive the maximum solar power throughout the day. Because the urban info point has an inspired shape, the user and the touch screen will always be under shade.

The urban info point is ready to use and is able to be installed in any place in any part of the city where it can regularly under sunlight.



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