Aahana an Eco friendly Solar Lantern Bracelet

aahana_eco-friendly-solar_lantern_braceletMany areas in India still don’t have any energy supply and people who are living there face troubles when dusk sets in.

Replacing the use of harmful and expensive kerosene for lighting homes with Aahana Solar Lantern Bracelet, the quality of lives in Indian villages would be improved.

The eco friendly lantern, as its name suggests, look like a bangle and will be worn around the wrist. As it is well known, the Indian females love adorning themselves with jewellery and this solar lantern has been shaped like a bracelet.

Aahana Solar Lantern Bracelet has been fitted with solar cells that harness solar energy when females go out to collect firewood or fetch water.

The design is suitable with the personality and style of Indian women and can be worn every single day. When they come at home, the bracelet could be removed and elongate its telescoping light diffuser rings. The LED lighting system is turned on and the warmth of eco friendly lantern will light in no time.

The efficiency of the eco friendly lantern, Aahana Solar Lantern Bracelet, is evident, users save a lot of money as the need to buy kerosene for lanterns. The LED system will payback within two months and will save 12-24 times more energy. The children can study better when the sun sets, the parents can have some additional evening hours.



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