Amarok P1Electric Motorbike Prototype As One of The Lightest in The World

Amarok-P1-electric-motorbikeCanadian company Amarok has unveiled its P1 Electric Motorbike prototype supposed to be the one of the lightest electric motorbike in the world.

It started as a creative design exercise but then was transformed into an electric motorbike reality. After all, Amarok claim to have replaced all ostentatious stuff related to a sport motorbike to pursue an aerodynamic shape. This was supposed to be a technological tribute to the zero carbon clean emission of a powerful electric motorbike.

Short technical specification should underline the75hp motorbike impulse given by its two Agni 95 electric motors incorporated into its lightweight and petty 325 pound (148 kg) body. Its top speed is more than 200km/hour.

The Amarok Company has its green ambitions and they plan to introduce an ever lighter 275 pound model in order to directly compete with its gas guzzling cousins. Anyway Amarok intend to race its P1 Motorbike at the 2011 TTXGP the world’s first zero carbon, clean emission grand prix.

As Azhar Hussain, the CEO at TTXGP says in a public statement: “A part of TTXGP’s philosophy is to nurture innovation and new technology. In order to continue pushing the boundaries in clean emission transportation we must support the next generation of technicians and engineers and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver a green and sustainable future.

So let’s use electric motorbike and have a clean environment by zero carbon clean emission.



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