Another American Electric Vehicle Hits the Road in 2011

Think-City-Electric-VehicleAfter Nissan shipped the Leaf, its first plug-in all electric vehicle to select markets in the U.S. and  days after General Motors shipped the Chevy Volt plug-in electric hybrid, all-electric vehicle manufacturer THINK announced the successful delivery of the THINK City to the State of Indiana.

Like the Leaf, the City’s all-electric, zero emission drive range on a full charge is 100 miles.  According to THINK, what separates its car from the Leaf is the battery, namely where it is made. The battery compartment can accommodate different types of battery systems. Currently, THINK City features the Zebra sodium battery and Lithium-Ion battery from EnerDel which make it the first electric passenger car with American-made lithium-ion batteries for fleet use. A THINK City is full charged in almost 8 hours

The State of Indiana says that the Department of Natural Resources will use the 15 vehicles in the state’s park system. Think, which will release the City to select markets in late 2011, forecast that it will increase the workforce of its Elkhart, IN facility from 25 in 2010 to 415 by the end of 2013.

“THINK found a great place to establish its business in Elkhart, and we’re proud to be the first customer,” said Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. “We believe that the coming era of electric cars, like the THINK City, will find its home here in Indiana.”

THINK City’s body is made of recyclable ABS plastic, designed for city driving, ideal for anyone who would like to avoid visible scratches and irritating little dents. The car’s interior is designed to give the driver a pleasant environment, where the emphasis is on providing a clear view of the traffic. The interior is spacious, with instruments that are easy to read.  The City is very funny and safe. All testing and development has been conducted in close conjunction with a number of specialist safety partners, including Autoliv, Bosch Germany, British Steel Automotive Engineering Group UK, Lotus Engineering UK, Ford Motor Company UK, TNO / TASS Netherlands and Tecosim UK.


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