Aston University’s Electric Vehicle Concept

aston-university-electric-vehicle Electric vehicles are the best solution for the future of transportation. There are many attempts for building eco vehicles and most of them come from academic environments.

Now, the students from Aston University unveiled their four wheeler project. A team of 10 members headed by Ian Sleeman finished a concept electric vehicle weighing only 150kg using bamboo for suspension and hydrogen for propulsion to its electric motor.

Being under construction since last October the electric vehicle was designed and realized on a chassis made of plywood with lycra as a coating for its bodywork, with wheels from a 125 cc motorcycle at a cost of approximately £1,500 to £2,000.

In addition, the electric vehicle which still has not a name has a central pivot not only for suspension but also for parking in restrictive spaces.

It seems the electric vehicle needs some fine tuning but this composition between technology and natural products precise engineered is a promising indicator for the future vehicles.

The team hopes to exceed the target of 50km with only 1 litre of fuel, these days at Shell Eco Marathon at Lausitz, Germany.



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