Audi A3 Unveiled its Forth e-tron Concept Car in Shanghai

audi-a3-e-tron-hybrid-vehicle-shanghaiAudi, the German well-known car manufacturer unveiled in Shanghai, its new A3 e-tron hybrid vehicle concept car which symbolises electromobility. This is a fourth e-tron version presented by Audi since it decided that Electric Vehicles will be its future strategy.

Audi e-tron version it is much more than just an electric motor and gives you in a glimpse the shape of things to come being the synonym for electric driving. The perfect combination of Audi brand’s expertise in lightweight design with the intelligent assistance systems met together in this concept as also the brand’s technological expertise with high end infotainment system.

This sedan has four seat notchback, two power plants and a lithium-ion battery that store energy to propel the hybrid vehicle on electric power alone for 54km (34 miles).  Designed as plug-in hybrid vehicle A3 e-tron concept is propelled by two power units of 155kW (211hp), a 1.4 TFSI four cylinder engine with turbo charging and gasoline direct injection and an electric motor with n output of 20kW (27hp). The system output combined is of 175kW (238hp), the gasoline engine and electric motor accelerate the notchback to 100km/h (62.14mph).

Design of this hybrid vehicle shows a typical Audi language of sporty elegance. With its sculptured look the headlights become broader as they extend outward and the line underneath makes them seem to float on air. Viewed from the side the A3 e-tron hybrid vehicle transmits clearly visible the harmonious proportions and muscular surface as Audi’s characteristic signs.

Using a special app for the iPhone the energy management of the Audi A3 e-tron hybrid vehicle technology platform is equipped with a power meter which indicates the amount of power currently informing the driver similar to the Audi Q5 hybrid,.

Unlike some other electric vehicles in discussion, the A3 e-tron hybrid vehicle technology platform is perfectly suited for everyday driving and demands no compromises from the driver.




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