Biofuels between biodiesel and ethanol

Biofuels-biodiesel-ethanolBiofuels are the alternative fuels of today, in some countries made from sugarcane in other from corn.

According to Worldwatch Institute Climate and Energy Program, 2010 was the top of worldwide production of biofuels when 105 billions of litres were produced. The rise in numbers biofuels litres was attributed to high oil price and to government mandates to produce the alternative fuels.

Among the most popular biofuels the ethanol was the favourite because put out less carbon dioxide than regular gasoline. The biggest worldwide ethanol producers are the United States and Brazil. Last year, only United States produced 49 billion litres which means 57percent of all global output and Brazil 28 billion litres, 33 percent from global output.

When discuss about biodiesel, the worldwide largest producer is the European Union which more than 53 percent of 2010 global production of biodiesel. According Worldwatch European countries could react to the idea that ethanol is more efficient energy producer that biodiesel and to switch away from it in order to have strong alternative fuels.

Because of some government’s mandates the surge in biofuel production was like that. Argentina for example required fuel to have 7 percent biodiesel and 93 percent diesel.

In the United States, the current subsidies are expected to decrease in coming years, which could mean Brazil’s sugarcane ethanol will surpass the amount of corn ethanol produced. That possibility has led to concern over deforestation in Brazil as more land is cleared for feedstock cultivation, Worldwatch outlined.



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