Biome Concept of Mercedes Benz ahead of LA Design Challenge

mercedes-benz-biome-conceptWe already had heard of the Biome concept-Mercedes Benz’s entry into this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge.However, now the brand has unveiled 1:1 scale model of the concept. The car was designed in Mercedes Benz’s Carlsband studio and exploits technologies from the nature to achieve unparalleled efficiency and seamless integration into the ecosystem.

The futuristic car model plays with the belief that an organic structure can actually be grown into an awesome minimalist bio-futuristic car. The vehicle features fierce plane like nose, wheels resembles plane turbine and it has a tron like glow. The interior structure allows passengers sit comfortably; it has a layout resembling seeds in a pod, with their heads coming together in the centre of the car.

This vehicle with imaginary elements has rare possibilities to ever enter into the production, except the one the Mercedes has built itself. However, for those freaks who love to read and lost in imaginary elements and dreaming of just what the future of automotive design might have in store the concept servers pretty well.

One of the three full scale models, Mercedes-Benz Biome’s 1:1 scale model built by the brand isn’t the exact interpretation of what its press release says. Because, unlike the concept, the physical vehicle isn’t grown out of a pair of genetically modified seed pods or run on synthetic chlorophyll called BioNectar4534 either. It won’t be refuelled by trees doesn’t even have a bio fibre body, grown in organic environment from seeds sown in a nursery.

Nevertheless, the pure fantasy the 2+2 organic car weights no more than 1000lbs and is 4020mm long and 2500mm wide. The vehicles has a diamond shaped seating arrangement wherein drive sits in the middle up front, two passenger slightly further back on either side and a fourth passenger in the middle at the back.



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