BioPower System Wave and Tidal Energy

wave and tidal energyBioPower Systems is a renewable energy technology company based in Sydney Australia and is developing systems for both wave power and tidal power conversion.

The company is currently working on ocean-based pilot projects and follow-on market opportunities for its products and services and is commercializing ocean power conversion technologies.

Through the application of biomimicry (an emerging discipline that studies nature’s best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems), they have adopted nature’s mechanisms for survival and energy conversion in the marine environment and have applied these in the development of their proprietary bioWAVE™ ocean wave power system and bioSTREAM™ tidal power system.

These systems inherit benefits developed during 3.8 billion years of evolutionary optimization in nature’s ocean laboratory. Like their natural counterparts, the systems are designed to move and sway in tune with the forces of the ocean, and naturally streamline when extreme conditions prevail. This leads to lightweight engineering structures and lower costs.

The bioWAVE™ and bioSTREAM™ are designed to supply utility-scale grid-connected renewable energy using efficient modular systems. These automated systems will be mounted on the seabed and operate beneath the ocean surface, out of view, and in harmony with the marine inhabitants that inspired their design.

The wave power system, bioWAVE™, is based on the swaying motion of sea plants in the presence of ocean waves.

The hydrodynamic interaction of the buoyant blades with the oscillating flow field is designed for maximum energy absorption. In extreme wave conditions the bioWAVE™ automatically ceases operating and assumes a safe position lying flat against the seabed. This eliminates exposure to extreme forces, allowing for lighter designs and substantial cost savings.

Systems are being developed for 250kW, 500kW, 1000kW capacities to match conditions in various locations.

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  1. Keep going. It`looks nice.

  2. Did you know that Romania has a technical solution with the highest efficiency to capture wave power?.
    Patent 108893 entitled Dynamic Engine for Sea Wave Energy Catching. A pioneering invention. It is estimated that “dynamic engine” has the ability to catching wave energy at a rate of over 80% while the other technical solutions known worldwide, are not able to capture wave energy with a higher percentage of about 10-15%.
    Cosma Vasile. Romania. E-mail

  3. Code access for “Dynamic Engine”: PDF. 28723051. RO 108893

  4. Some information for patent “Dynamic Engine” can be found on:
    – Ocean energy: Wave energy | Climate TechWiki
    – “First Wave Energy Device Connected to Power Grid | Science”

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