Boeing 787 Dreamliner flew first time over Pacific Ocean using biofuel

BOEING-787-Dreamliner-Biofuel-PacificLast June Boeing 747-8 Freighter crossed the Atlantic Ocean running partially on biofuel.

Now, another company’s 787 Dreamliner set another milestone by crossing the Pacific Ocean using a mix of biofuel.

This time Boeing cross the Pacific using a fuel mainly derived from used cooking oil in conjunction with regular jet fuel in a secret proportion.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft is the property of Japan’s All Nippon Airways and to use this type of biofuel the estimated carbon emissions cuts are about 30% than a similar conventional aircraft. Ten percent of the reduction is said to be due biofuel choice and other twenty percent is attributed to energy efficient features of aircraft, the lightweight carbon fiber composite material of its body.



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