Cannon Comes With 15,000 Lumens LED Flashlight

Cannon-LED-FlashlightCannon LED light will turn night to day due to new technologies. A miniature flashlight heavy enough to be operated with only one hand has 15,000 lumens and bright enough to illuminate a baseball arena.

 Composed of 18 smaller pieces of LED, the flashlight is powered by 32 lithium-ion batteries cooled with its fan. As is well known the LED is definitely more efficient than incandescents, but this case 15,000 lumens worth still produces lot of excess heat. Shaped like a hexagon, this flashlight allows multiple units to be easily mounted together.

The company is worried that 15,000 lumens might not be enough for customers who need much light.

The product is built only on customer order at costs of $ 2,500.



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