Cell Phone and Their Danger to Human or Not

Cell-phone-bad-or-notDuring use the cell phone it release radiations supposed to be dangerous.

Unlike traditional ionizing radiation used by x-rays for investigation and well known to increase the risk of cancer in large doses, the cell phone radiations are “non-ionizing” that means they don’t contain enough energy to cause strong cell changes to cause disease.

In their research IARC’s scientists report that is a clear association between cell phone frequency used by humans and diagnosis of brain tumors. The IARC stops making any public health recommendations concerning to cell phone use and the increased risk of cancer.

The important note is that multi-country study published last year (12.000 persons) found no links between cell phone use and brain cancer. Some 30 studies revealed that patients diagnosed with brain tumors in Europe, United States and New Zeeland reported no greater cell phone use than people who didn’t develop tumors.

In last two decades there has been no increase in the brain tumors diagnosis and this shows that cell phone is a part of our life. So, is needed more time to observe important changes due to use of cell phone and for sure there are involved other additional parameters.



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