Cell Phone Could Differently Cause Damage to Human Tissue

Cell-Phone-Damage-to-Human-TissueA biologist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory from New Mexico stated that cell phone radiation could interact with human tissue differently.

On his name Bill Bruno describes the mechanism by which the microwave radiation of the cell phone causes damage. Previously he has been argued that radiation emitted by a cell phone cannot cause damage to biological tissue because that microwave photons don’t have enough energy to affect chemical bonds.

Now, Bruno argues that when the number of photons is less than one in a volume of space equal to a cubic wavelength and when the density of the photons is higher than this the interference can bring other effect into play.

He says that the phenomenon is similar to optical tweezers. Generally speaking, optical tweezers work at infrared frequencies and Bruno believes that a similar effect could work for microwave photons. So, depend on whether there is a high enough density of microwave photons from cell phone to generate a big enough force and also whether there are structures in the body with required dielectric properties to be susceptible.

As Bill Bruno says, the density of microwave photons from cell phone is easily high enough and for sure there are plenty of vulnerable structures, including neurons.



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