Cell phones and the electromagnetic radiations could affect fertility

News-Infogreenglobal-Cell-phones-electromagnetic-radiations-fertilityCell phones, these very popular devices to harm our life without visible and immediate consequences are subject of debates about human body health.

Everybody knows that cell phones do emit electromagnetic radiations all the time, especially when are used. Electromagnetic radiations are made by subatomic particles which are moving very fast. Sometimes the speed is much than 100,000 miles per second. Because of this very high speed that radiation can penetrate deep inside the body damaging the body cells.

The cell may die when a radiation particle collides violently with atoms or molecules inside it. If the human cell survives to this impact, it may begin to grow in a mutated form. A recent study about how react the human body to radiation refers to sperm cells.

Scientists involved rats in an animal trial exposed to cell phone radiation for two hours a day during 35 days. Then the researchers found a significant decreasing in protein kinase C, a kind of an enzyme involved in controlling the function of other proteins, and also a decreasing in total sperm count after exposure at the cell phone radiation. On the other hand the scientist found out that the number of death cell sperm was increased.

Their conclusion the study results suggest a reduction in protein kinase activity may be related to overproduction of reactive oxygene species under microwave field exposure. As we know a decrease in sperm count and an increase in cell death due to cell phones radiation exposure may lead to infertility.

Cell phones are clearly to offer us maximum enjoy. So we have some tips to reduce our exposure to cell phones. When a call is being made cell phones emit higher amount of electromagnetic radiations. Keep calls short when speaking on the cell phones and very important away from the body. When speak at the cell phone an inch away from the head can reduce the amount of absorbed radiation.

 Check that your cell phone to have low level of electromagnetic radiations. Use hands free, talk on the speaker phone and the total amount of radiation absorbed by the body will be drastically reduced. Avoid using cell phones in weak signal areas, in that situations that phone is working harder to get a signal to the tower. Many experts say children should have very limited use of cell phones because their brains are still developing and absorb more radiation or be susceptible to risks, so it’s very important to keep them away from the cell phones.



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