Cellphones a Health Hazard for Youth

cellphone -health hazard for youthPeople of today world are driven by technology and the youth is at the helm of this technology revolution.

Nowadays generations relies on technology as heavily as it relies on air for breath. Technology driven communication avenues such as cellphones, social networking websites, chatrooms all have brought the world to the fingertips of the youth. And the one technology tool at the forefront, considering the frequency of its usage, is the cellphone.

The cellphone today is a lifeline for many. It is estimated that around 4.5 billion people use the cellphone worldwide. And it comes as no surprise that a huge chunk of this quantity consists of the youth. The cellphone is more of a necessity for them than a luxury. Umpteen number of surveys conducted on the youth worldwide have figured out that they consider cellphones an integral part of survival and some have even gone to the extent of saying that they would rather go without food for a day than without their cellphones. With constant texting, calling, listening to music, playing phone games or simply fiddling with the phone being such an integral part of their lifestyles, it is little wonder that not having it around strikes them with paranoia.

However, as is said, excess of everything is bad, it holds true for cellphones too. They do come with their share of cons. The most devastating ill effect caused by cellphones is the electromagnetic radiation that they generate. And the most concerning fact is that medical research on the health hazards caused by cellphones is being carried out at a much slower pace than the rate at which cellphone features and technologies are progressing. And as such prolonged usages of them, especially by the youth, are bound to affect their well being. So far, there has been no conclusive evidence that electromagnetic radiations caused by cellphones causes cancer, tumours and other deadly diseases of the kind, but there have been enough studies and researches that have been conducted to raise eyebrows and suspicions on the same. Prolonged usage has been shown by studies to cause extreme fatigue, high blood pressure, increase of heartbeats and warming of the brain cells, which in no way can do well to the human body.

Another major ill-effect associated with the cellphone is addiction to it which can directly translate into a clumsy personality. Constant usage of the cellphone by the youth devours up the time that they could have otherwise devoted to quality work, leading to inefficiency and lesser mental participation at work. Also it leads to lesser physical activity, as most of us would prefer curling on a bed and talk our hearts out with someone rather than take a stroll on the nearby park. This is also a cause, if not a major one, of rising cases of obesity among youth.

It is an acceptable fact that everyone has a social life and it is indeed fun to talk to someone (or text) over the cellphone about the happenings in our social circle, but it is indeed not fair to our health if we are social to the point that we cannot even imagine a day without that handy lump of metal that facilitates this social communication.

So to the ones who are battling cellphone addiction, I am hoping this article will help you break free from the shackles of this destructive dependence, considering the damage that its prolonged usage causes to you. Use the cellphone judiciously, recommend to your children, and to other friends, it is a tool of communication, and let it be just that!



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