Cellphones Companies Transmission Towers–A Serious Threat to Human Health

Transmission Towers – A Serious Threat to Human HealthTransmission towers installed by cellphones companies almost at every place, pose a serious threat to human health as these transmission towers emit deadly electromagnetic radiations, which directly affect human brain.

Due to Information Technology (IT) and new electronic devices, distances are reducing day-by-day but these things are affecting the health of human beings. The transmission towers pose a serious threat to human health.

Newer technologies are making human life much easier and fast. Almost every electronic device, cellphones, radios, microwaves, computers pose serious threat to human health. But there is a more serious threat on human health by transmission towers, which emit invisible electromagnetic radiations.

The electromagnetic radiations not only cause death, damage DNA, tumors and skin cancer but are also very dangerous for pregnant women and their unborn babies. Radio-frequency radiations have started showing its ill-affects on humans, animals, medical investigatory equipments and also on food products. It produces electromagnetic radiations pollution, which is also called RF Radiation Pollution.

Because of mobile communication, television transmission, FM radio, transmission towers have increased in numbers, which in turn is increasing the pollution of electromagnetic radiations. To satisfy the requirement of consumers, cellphones companies are installing transmission towers almost at every place in small towns, villages and in rural areas also.

Along with communication services, cellphones companies also provide facilities like GPRS, GSM, CDMA services for Internet users, which gives maximum radio frequencies to users 24 x 7 and that is leading to a dangerous impact on human health and behaviour. It is also affecting the stamina and thinking power of humans as these radiations directly attack the brain. The telecom cellphones companies continue to install transmission towers, which have a radiation power level of 7260 microwatt/m2, despite the specified level being just 600 microwatt/m2, which is a great matter of concern.

This standard fixed by the International Commission of Non-Iodised Radiation is not being followed by cellphones operators. Cellphones company’s transmission towers emit electromagnetic radiations with a frequency of 1900 MHZ. With this high frequency, they can easily pass through our bodies. The radioactivity of cellphones transmission towers can, thus, affect every living thing within a square kilometre range. Electromagnetic radiations can cause memory loss, headache, allergy and skin diseases. Sperm-count in men is known to reduce with daily use of cellphones. The growth of cellphones in India is very rapid. Today, in India, there are almost 35crore mobile users and the number is increasing rapidly.

300 per cent cases of cancer are reported from people who have been living within a distance up to 400 km from mobile transmission towers for decades compared to those who live far away from these transmission towers. Breast cancer tops the list. Even birds avoid these transmission towers which are like deadly weapons for all living beings.



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