Charging Stations for any Electric Vehicle along Interstate 5 till this fall

Charging-station-along-Interstate-5-for-electric-vehicleTalking about AeroVironment they had developed electric transportation technology since 1971, now they are “specialized in practical innovation”

and develop solutions for rapidly growing electric vehicle industry such as charging products for business and residential consumers as well as data systems for electric vehicle manufacturers.

AeroVironment powered charging stations that can recharge an electric vehicle from a fully discharged in less than 30 minutes. The quick time of charging was one of the reasons why Oregon Department of Transportation has selected AeroVironment to install charging stations along 150 mile distance on Interstate 5.

The company intend to install charge stations at eight interchanges and then will analyze the availability of the electric vehicle data. This project will be also founded by the U.S. Department of Energy through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s State Energy Program. The Interstate 5 begin its retrofit to sustain electric vehicle transportation along the America’s west coast “Green highway” from San Diego to Vancouver.

“Oregon is demonstrating tremendous leadership in advancing the ‘Green Highway,” said Mike Bissonette, senior vice president and general manager of Efficient Energy Systems for AeroVironment. “We look forward to working with ODOT and other stakeholders in the state to design the optimal corridor to support local and long-distance travellers.”

AeroVironment expects to have their charging stations installed by the fall of 2011.



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