Chevrolet Beat Battery Electric Vehicle Showcased by General Motors in India

chevrolet-beat-electric-vehicle-indiaGeneral Motors India showcased these days the Chevrolet Beat Battery Electric Vehicle as part of ongoing celebration of World Environment Day.

General Motors India wants to demnostrate the effectiveness of battery electric vehicle technology in India and use this electric vehicle to address potential cost savings to help make it more affordable for global customers.

The President and Managing Director of General Motors India, Mr. Karl Slym, said, “General Motors is committed to providing customers around the world with electrification technologies that will reduce their fuel consumption, helping them save money. GM India will lead in this ‘tailored for India’ demo program for battery electric technology, with Chevrolet Beat chosen as the best way to evaluate the technology. We are delighted that Chevrolet selected India as an important market to test battery electric technology, while recognizing the capabilities of our engineering team to help identify ways to make this technology more affordable.”

Chevrolet Beat is powered by a 300 cell lithium-ion battery with developing a total energy capacity of approximately 20 kWh and with the 270 kg battery can power the electric vehicle for at least 130 km under normal driving conditions. The liquid cooled battery for this electric vehicle can operate in temperatures ranging from approximately -20 degree to 45 degree, with charge times of less than 8 hours using a 240V outlet. The drive wheels of this electric vehicle are powered through a single speed drive unit from the battery and an electric motor produce approximately 45kW of power.

General Motors has established the battery leadership for in the world. As they claimed they have the most advanced battery labs in the world at the Technical Center from Warren, Michigan in the United States and are going to open a new battery lab in China.

Beside Chevrolet Beat as electric vehicle General Motors India is offering a range of alternative fuels vehicles to its valued customers, such as: including Chevrolet Beat LPG, Chevrolet Spark LPG and Chevrolet Aveo CNG. This year is marking the completion of 100 years of Chevrolet’s successful operations globally.



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  1. Chevrolet Beat diesel is the pioneer in this small car segment which comprises a huge part of Indian car market will surely get benefits.

  2. Chevrolet Beat is a car that is ideal for those with an urban lifestyle. With the styling of a sporty hatchback, it showcases the new direction of GM design and a new trend in the design of mini-cars.

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