Chevrolet Era the 2020 Eco Friendly Car Concept

2020-chevrolet-era-eco-friendly-carGeneral Motors sponsored a project to design its future eco friendly car concept.

Conceptualized by Yana Brigss, a graduate of Art Centre College of Design having a Lithuanian origin, the 2020 Chevrolet Era has been nicknamed the “Cleaner” by the designer and has some awesome planet friendly features.

The 2+2 design proposes to have active light collector panels mounted on the top of the car having a concave spherical surface to maximize the solar power absorbed for this eco friendly car functions.

Its streamlined lights are placed along the sides of the car and indicates the charging process while a built in oxygen filter cleans the incoming polluted air.

The Era feature diamond jewellery by using LED headlight detail that would give it a chic softness. This future eco friendly car is going to run in the next World Solar Challenge competition. You will get a round perspective of this eco friendly car concept by watching the following short video. About Yana, she is presently busy to design the 2022 Alfa Romeo Mode Concept car.



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