Chile Will Have T3 Electric Stand-Up Vehicles for Security’s Use

t3-electric-stand-up-vehicle-in-chileA joint venture between Telestop Electronic Control Devices and T3 Motion will bring an important number of T3 Electric Stand-up Vehicle in Chile.

Telestop is the major Chilean distributor of security and military devices and will sell T3 Electric Stand-up Vehicles to police, security agencies and military around the country. A second South American country joined to Chile to buy Electric Stand-up Vehicle will be Argentina.

This T3 Electric Stand-up Vehicle is already known as designed for use by security personnel, having the “ability to increase command presence, decrease CO2 emissions, turn on a dime and run on ten cents per day.”

Probably is looking strange to move like that but some of the T3 Electric Stand-up Vehicles notable features include its zero-degree turning radius its pair of on-board, rechargeable and easily swap-able batteries, its ability to hit speeds of up to 15 miles per hour and its 30-mile range.



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