Coca-Cola Company are Using Electric Vehicles for Urban Delivery

Coca-Cola-Campany-EStar-Electric-VehiclesThe Coca-Cola Company announced it will be delivering their products to urban markets in a new way using electric vehicles and zero-emission vehicles.

Six eStar electric trucks will be on the roads inWashingtonD.C.,New York City,Connecticut,San FranciscoandLos Angelesin the company’s efforts to “innovate through its fleet of distribution vehicles.”

 The eStar electric trucks can run up to100 milesper charge and can be fully charged in 6 to 8 hours. These eStar electric vehicles are super-quiet, zero-emission, with low-floor design and with unique windshield which provide 180 degree visibility.

The Coca-Cola Company currently has 650 hybrid vehicles inU.S.for its products delivery. As a part of its Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection strategy this world’s largest beverage company by the end of this year will increase their fleet to more than 750 alternative fuel vehicles.

Having more heavy-duty hybrid trucks on the road than any other company in North America, Coca-Cola Company will reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30 percent compared to their traditionally fleet.

 The Coca-Cola Company is involved in the National Clean Fleets Partnership, a program created by U.S. President Barack Obama that helps companies to reduce existing gasoline and diesel powered fleets by using „electric vehicles, alternative fuels and fuel-saving measures” into its operations.



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