Driver Propulsion Vehicle Powered by Lithium-Ion-Battery Assure Ecological Scuba Diving

Driver Propulsion Vehicle Powered by Lithium-Ion-Battery Assure Ecological Scuba DivingEven you are an underwater scuba enthusiast or simple a visitor to the Great Barrier Reef who feels that he wants to spend more time underwater to enjoy its beauty, the Driver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) will give you barely 45 minutes of diving time before resurfacing.

But this innovative Driver Propulsion Vehicle design from Sean Bettie offers more underwater time as electric-vehicle, better handling and a wide variety of options and controls.

The device takes Driver Propulsion Vehicle to a whole new level powered by its lithium-ion-battery electric-motor that drives you without creating any sound, pollution or inconvenience underwater. This is so important while one is visiting the beautiful and delicate marine eco systems. Then the bent LCD control panel on the top allows you to move in different direction, use LED lights-wings that allow the driver to be spotted, a built in camera for recording your voyage, SONAR, lithium-ion-battery status and a lot more.

There is also on oxygen-generator that will endlessly filter out and provide oxygen to the diver as long as the Driver Propulsion Vehicle is not in full throttle of its electric-motor. This allows you to spend lots of time underwater by its lithium-ion-battery once you have reached a spot of your choice. The design is also sleek and ergonomic to keep up with the motion dynamics in fluids.

Simply put the Driver Propulsion Vehicle design of Sean Bettie is wonderful step forward in enjoying the vast unexplored ocean depths without infringing into its balanced and fragile flora and fauna.



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