Eight new fast charging stations along the West Coast Electric Highway

Fast-charging-stations-West-Coast-Electric-Highway-Electric-carsEight new fast charging stations start to cover 160 mile stretch of the West Coast Electric Highway.

These fast charging stations are disposed at 20-25 miles apart stating at northernmost border with California to Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Last week many electric cars inaugurate the first big section of the West Coast Electric Highway. The drivers can recharge their batteries for free in only 20 minutes per charge. The electric highway is good to promote the use of electric cars and Oregon signed an additional agreement with Nissan to install fast charging stations if they will sell electric cars within state.

The network of the fast charging stations installed on I5 West Coast Electric Highway is financed by federal stimulus grants and are structured on three types, three levels. First level chargers draw 110 volts with a slowly charge, level 2 draws 240 volts and charges a battery in three to four hours and level 3 uses 480 volts and charges a battery pack to 80% in less than half an hour.

The company that implement the installation of fast charging station network is AeroVironment Inc., and they provide a driver with an electric key fob when they sign up for the charging program.  Drivers can use the fob when they drive up and can plug in their car 24 hour/ 7 days a week and the stations can be found with a smarthphone or with software on the cars themselves.



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