Electric Bike on Solar Power

solar-cross-ebike-electric-vehicleAfter many electric vehicles which are using solar power for they need to move, now is the time to show you an electric bicycle that adopted solar panel to have this clean energy.

The Solar Cross eBike is created by Terry Hope, a Canadian inventor and receive solar power and the power from rider.

The solar power is received through two solar panels fitted over the eBike’s front wheel. A third solar panel is fitted on the top of bike handle. All this solar panels were built by the inventor himself using polycarbonate sheeting, aluminium and mono crystalline cells. Each cell of the solar panel is capable to produce 3.8 to 4 watts of energy so each solar panel will produce around 8.7 watts of energy.

The Solar Cross eBike is also fitted with a 24 volt 1 Horse Power electric motor, a 5000mAh lithium-ion battery and two 5000 mAh LIPO booster packs.  To channel the electricity to any two of three batteries, the rider can use a 24V controller mounted on the eBike. Other instruments on board include a watt analyzer, four voltage meters, two booster switches and an emergency switch.

To increase its solar power capturing capacity of eBike in the future, the inventor plans to add Fluorinate Ethylene Propylene film and for the look uplift he is also planning to add some extra light features.



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