Electric cars charging stations as a smart grid in Rome till 2012

rome-electric-cars-charging-stations-italy-smart-gridElectric cars are on the way to come on the streets in the city of Rome, Italy, due to effort of Toshiba.

The giant electronics company announced that its Italian subsidiary Ansaldo Transmissione&Distribuzione (Ansaldo T&D) will supply a smart grid distribution system for ACEA Group the main leading public utilities. The system for electric cars will include solar power array and storage batteries, a unit control and a smart meters.

The installation will be started in December this year by Ansaldo T&D in Raffineria, an ACEA substation, and will operational in the spring of 2012. The system will supply power to a network of electric cars charging stations as an integral part of a smart grid.

The solar power system of a 10KW will store energy using 45KWh rechargeable batteries from Toshiba. The smart meters, also provided by Toshiba subsidiary, Landis-Gyr, will provide real time data pertaining to the array’s power status and the battery charge levels as well as demand at electric cars charging stations.

This concept of Rome is promoting not only low emission vehicle as hybrid but zero emission vehicles as electric cars using green energy sources.



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