Electric Motorcycle’s Top Sped Bar Raised at 190.6 mph on Bonneville Speedway

Team-Swigz-electric-motorcycle-Bonneville-SpeedwayChip Yates has just raised the top-speed bar for electric motorcycle category. Having only 5,280 feet to run with his Swigz Pro Racing electric motorcycle, the racer and the inventor same time used the 241 horse’s power to hit 190.6 miles per hour on the Mohave Mile.

Because of the side winds and problems with equipment charging Chip was kept from attaining his 200 mph goal. This achieved result, even not officially, should serve as a benchmark for everyone who thinks to set records with any electric motorcycle at the Bonneville Salt Flats this year.

The team made a few changes to the electric motorcycle in anticipation of the Mohave run including a booster battery. Using the six-cell pack with lithium polymer chemistry battery they thought to combat voltage sag that occurs when they attempt to draw over 500 amps through the system. They also made a custom battery warming system that allows them to bring the battery to an optimal temperature before events.

You can feel what happens in a race between first electric motorcycle and  gas super bikes following a Chip Yates commented movie.


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