Electric vehicle charger is free to use in France

France-electric-vehicle-chargerElectric vehicle charger deployment inFranceseems to be very slow. Renault decided to install electric vehicle charger around the country free to use.

Laurence Frost and Gilles Guillaume of Reuters write that “A century after French tire maker Michelin issued road signs to help early motorists find their way, Renault and Japanese affiliate Nissan are preparing to hand out charging stations for installation in public spaces.”

Thierry Koskas, the head of Renault’s electric vehicle program says that: “It is not our job to install chargers, but somebody has to kick start the market,” and he added that: “This cannot be a long-term policy.”

The plan is for the company to install 1,000 fast chargers, at a price of about €5,000 ($6,300) each. Most of the chargers will be inFrance, but some will be in other countries.

“The freebies will go to car parks, supermarkets and other high-visibility public spaces under private ownership.”



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  1. Electric vehicle I heard that the battery can be leased. And the best thing is that you leave home with a full (tank) charge every time. after 100 miles you’ll have the charge it again.

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