Electric Vehicle Charging Stations using Kinetic Energy of Trains

Electric-vehicle-charging-station-SpainDue to high gas price more Americans are changing the way of life and commute to ride the rails.

The alternative choice for you will be electric cars if their price is suitable. When you need to drive somewhere and use the electric vehicle you will have the problem if live in suburban apartments. This happens because suburban apartment communities are usually none too happy about installing Electric Vehicle charging stations into their park lots.

The future of charging electric cars and commuting to rail will be to plug the car into the train. The idea was tested by the managers of Spain’s railway infrastructure ( Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias- ADIF) days ago when a team of engineers succeeded in converting the kinetic energy by the ADIF’s commuter trains under braking to charge electric cars. The proof of concept demonstration was by fully charging a Think City electric vehicle using only the electricity generated by the brakes of train.

Being a joint project between ADIF and Going Green, which has the exclusivity for selling Think City electric cars in Spain, the demonstration is a part of a proposal for large scale implementation already submitted to INNPACTO, a grant program funded by Ministry of Science and Innovation from Spain. Once the project will be granted the ADIF could begin to install braking-powered electric vehicle chargers early next year.

The project idea is very cool. You can do commute and have your small electric vehicle to continue the run for nearest places. If the technology becomes wide spread even in US you could drive your electric vehicle to the train station, plug it in and come home fully charged ready to go.



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