Electric Vehicles in the foreground at the American National Plug-In Day

American+national+plug-in+day+electric-vehiclesThe American National Plug-in Day was celebrated on October 16th and was the moment to putt under the spot all the benefits of plug-in electric vehicles.

American National Plug-in Day provides a huge opportunity for potential electric vehicles owners to learn more about plug-ins. Electric car has become more affordable than years ago and are in mainstream.

The American National Plug-in Day was a free event sponsored by Plug-In America, The Electric Auto Association and Sierra Club gathered 26 cities across US. Plug-in parades, tailpipe-free tailgate parties, lectures by notable speakers and demonstrations were happened simultaneously around the nation. Electric vehicles owners took a silent spin during the parade downtown in Santa Monica.  Various manufacturers as GM, Nissan, Tesla, Smart, Toyota, Ford, Coda and Mitsubishi give test drives plug-ins for the curious onlookers or potential owners.

Chris Paine, the 2006 documentary film maker of “Who Killed the Electric Car” spoke at the event. His film told us about electric vehicles, hybrids and the future of transportation. Paine already realised his latest film, “Revenge of the Electric Car” which will hits theatres on October 21, this year. People in Denver were treated to a screening of the film as part of Denver’s National Plug-in Day.

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