Electromagnetic Harvester could charge very low-powered devices

Electromagnetic-Harvester-Energy-Low-Powered-DevicesAs in the adage of Sir Antoine Lavoisier, “in nature nothing is lost, nothing is gained, everything transforms,” the energy is in a continue movement. Being surrounded by electromagnetic fields wherever you go, as normally, somebody thought it could be a good source of energy.

There were many ideas of harvesting energy. This time Dennis Siegel, a digital media student at the University of the Arts in Bremen, Germany, designed the handheld charger which recovers the energy of electromagnetic fields into electric energy. Its Electromagnetic Harvester is a small box that charges an AA battery.

According to Siegel, using the electromagnetic harvester involves simply holding it up to anything with an electromagnetic field – a cell phone, a coffee maker, a commuter train, etc. A red LED light up and indicate it is charging when a strong enough field is reached.  Siegel designed a version of electromagnetic harvester for frequencies below 100Hz (those found in electricity mains) and another for frequencies above 100Hz (those found in Bluetooth, WLAN and radio broadcasts).

In fact the potential of this technology isn’t exploited very well and could eventually charge very low-powered devices like wireless sensors or RFID tags. It couldn’t have any practical consumer electronics application yet, but probably with some more adjustments will give the best.

Anyway I am glad to talk about this guy and I appreciate that it is foolhardy.



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