ELF between a cute hybrid vehicle and a fancy tricycle

ELF- hybrid vehicle

ELF a hybrid vehicle both solar and pedal powered

The ELF could be described as a two or three seater hybrid tricycle, hand built in the United States by Organic Transit. According to their website this hybrid vehicle is the “most efficient vehicle on the planet” and gets the equivalent of 1800 miles per gallon. The ELF is a solar and pedal powered hybrid vehicle and it can be used on bike paths, parks and sidewalks being legally considered a bicycle and requiring no gas, license, registration or insurance.

ELF has a structure made by aluminium and a body made by rugged ABS composite that protects you and help you to stand out there in traffic. In fact ELF is a hybrid vehicle with the following features: standard ergonomic sliding seat, front dynamic suspension, 3-speed internally geared hub, AVID BB7 disc brakes on the front wheels, LED headlights, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, and a 48V 11 Ah Lithium-ion battery with charger.

The solar panel of 100 W mounted on the ELF’s top could charge the battery in 8 hours and charging from a standard wall outlet takes about 2-3 hours.

Elf a hybrid vehicle

ELF – a hybrid vehicle both solar and pedal powered

The ELF hybrid vehicle can travel at speeds over 25 mph (40km/h). Its electric motor does not power this hybrid vehicle but assists the pedalling with a boost when is necessary to handle climbing hills with ease. The battery gives a range of 16 miles without pedalling and 30 miles with pedalling. The standard ELF can carry a payload of 350 lbs (159kg) including the rider and weighs between 160-180 lbs (72-81 kg) depending on its accessories. It has an enclosed cargo compartment with a locking lid that is very good.

If you are a little bit lazy to ride a bike, or your image needs an improvement posing as environmentalist you could buy one. Standard variant cost only $5,495.00 but you can build your own customised.

This hybrid vehicle could be a very smart transportation solution for those looking to reduce transportation costs in an Eco-friendly way. But probably the most important thing is health and necessity of combining sport, pleasure and open air.


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