Li-ion Battery in Printed Board exposed at JPCA Show 2010

Li-Ion BatteryA intresting exhibit was exposed by Oki Printed Circuits Co Ltd at JPCA Show 2010, held in Tokio from June 2 to 4 this year.

It was realised on a technology which embed a 170μm-thick thin-film all-solid-state lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery in a printed board. Until now few printed boards have come equipped with energy devices, the company representatives said.

The thin-film all-solid-state Li-ion battery used for the printed board is a product of Infinite Power Solutions Inc (IPS) with an output voltage and capacity of 4.2V and 0.7mAh, respectively. This time, Oki Printed Circuits exhibited a 0.8mm-thick four-layer board embedded with the rechargeable battery and turned on and off an LED lamp.

When the new technology is used to realize a local energy source in a system, it is possible to reduce the peak power of the entire system, the company representatives said. For example, it is possible to charge a battery embedded in the printed board of a module that intermittently operates in a mobile phone when no power is required for the module and make the battery discharge when a high peak power is required.

Thus far, electric double layer capacitors have been used for such an application. However, because their large leak current increases the number of recharges, the power consumption of an electric double layer capacitor became a problem. The Company representatives said that when a rechargeable battery is used, it is possible to reduce the leak current and the number of recharges.

The company has been making efforts to expand the application of the technology in conjunction with several corporate users, planning to commercialize it in some form within 2011.


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