Energy storage research projects at Brookhaven Lab

Takeuchi-energy-storage-techologyOne of the world’s leading energy storage researchers and the electrochemist, Mrs. Esther Takeuchi, joined Brookhaven National Laboratory to advance energy storage projects. She was awarded the 2009 National Medal of Technology by President Obama for her innovation in lithium battery technology and biomedical devices.

As she says “I hope to expand Brookhaven Lab’s focus on energy and energy storage related research.” “The Lab has top-flight scientists and instrumentation that will be outstanding to deploy on these issues,” she added

Takeuchi brings skills developed in extensive industrial technology innovation, and recently in academia. She comes to Brookhaven Lab from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo, where she taught chemical, biological, and electrical engineering beginning in 2007, becoming a SUNY Distinguished Professor in 2009.

Before teaching, Takeuchi spent more than 20 years at Greatbatch, Inc., working into biomedical power sources. She rose from senior chemist to chief scientist, having more than 140 patents and being the country’s most prolific inventors.

As she said “Batteries impact everyone’s lives.” “On a daily basis we all use commercially available batteries powering electronics such as cell phones, iPads, laptop computers and GPS devices. The search for better batteries can impact a diverse set of industries, such as aerospace, medicine, transportation and even the grid, where implementation of renewable and intermittent forms of energy generation depends on storage.”

You can find more about her on Nanowerk.


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