EoleWater -wind turbine to harvest water and energy in the desert air

 EoleWater-wind-turbine-wind-speedAfter years of design and testing prototypes, the French inventor and founder of EoleWater, Marc Parent launched his product, a kind of wind powered refrigeration – condensation –filtration unit.

Since last October EoleWater putted in operation the unit in the dry desert air of Abu Dhabi being capable to extract approximately 500-800 liter of clean and fresh water a day.

As the inventor stated the “access to drinking water is a condition for life and cannot be considered a luxury reserved to developed countries” and he also added that: “humanity cannot ignore the pain of those deprived of water access and has to find new solutions.”

Wind turbine units are not designed only for desert use and are very suitable for any isolated areas like islands or places with lack of infrastructure for drinking water or electricity distribution.

The EoleWater’s latest generation WMS 1000- the water condenser system sits atop of 24 m mast and is wind powered by a 30kW wind turbine. It has a wind turbine diameter rotor of 13m and requires a minimum 24km/h wind speed.

As well known even Sahara desert has an average relative humidity of around 25% and it is simply a matter of using the wind speed to generate electricity for the cooling units to chill the air. Once the water is collected and filtered it is sent for storage. This kind of unit is durable to an estimated last up to 30 years with a routine maintenance.

 In case of sunny areas with lack of wind, Eole comes with WMS 30kW solar panel to drive the condensation – filtration equipment. Any situation is exploited and the renewable energies are used to improve the comfort of life.



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