Eton Mobius iPhone 4 comes with a solar charging case

Eton-Mobius-Solar-Charging-Case-iPhone4Nowadays the abundance of mobile solar charging options is very natural. For this reason the appearance of a solar charging case for a smart phone like Eton Mobius was something expected.

 The Eton Corporation has been released the iPhone4 battery pack to their line-up providing extra juice when you need. Eton Mobius is equipped with a large enhanced monocrystal solar panel on its back with the same size of itself.

 Alongside of solar charging device Eton Mobius provide also a phone case, a battery and the solar panel. When the phone is inside the case, a 30-pin connector can draw power from the charged battery.

When it is fully charged, the 1800mAh lithium ion battery provides five hours of talk time, or up to 32 hours of audio playback and, depending on conditions, estimates have each hour of direct sunlight providing around 25 minutes of talk time, Eton mentioned.

The phone does not need to be in the case for the battery to charge. The case can be left in the sun while the phone is used elsewhere. Just slip the phone in when you need a little more juice. It will retain its charge if the power switch is left in the off position. An array of LEDs lets the user know that power is or is not being transferred to the phone.

If there isn’t any sun for solar charging, the battery can also be charged with a micro USB cable. The micro USB cable is not included with the package, however. The Eton Mobius is available for $78 on



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