EX1 an Electric Roadster Concept 100% Peugeot

Peugeot Electric VehicleThe Peugeot EX1 is 100% an electric vehicle, a two seat roadster in a futurist style with a very special architecture, designed to offer powerful driving sensations as a celebration of the 200th anniversary.

EX1 has already broken several world records for acceleration from a standing start, capable of lightning acceleration which can exceed 1 G of gravitational force.

With its high-output lithium-ion battery and the two electric motors which are used, one on each axle, each with a peak output of 125 kW (250 kW / 340 bhp in total), and an immediately available constant maximum torque of 240 Nm at the front and rear, Peugeot demonstrates the exciting possibilities for electric motors.

The roadster it is silent in operation and makes the car very easy to drive (no need for a gearbox). Finally, the dimensions of the car (0.90 m high with a width of 1.77 m) contribute to overall efficiency, a lowering of the centre of gravity and improved aerodynamics.

The driver, seated at floor level in a driving position that helps enhances the sense of excitement (legs outstretched), drives the vehicle with two control handles, providing an experience similar to that of an aircraft pilot or video game. As well as the presence of harnesses inside the car, the occupants are also protected by the height of the carbon passenger cell, which has sufficient overhead clearance to include a roll-over protection bar. Similarly, the wind deflector, perfectly integrated in terms of style, allows the car to be driven on a daily basis without a helmet.

Peugeot Electric VehicleIndeed the EX1 concept car has already broken the following international records (approved by the International Automobile Federation) for an electric-powered terrestrial vehicle. This series of records was established, by Nicolas Vanier, the famous French explorer and film-maker (“The Last Trapper”, “Wolf”) that drove the EX1 concept car.

Between now and the end of the year, China, the world’s largest car market, will be the setting for the EX1 to pursue other world records. The photos are speaking much, but to feel the power you have to do a test drive. Tell us more, after.


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