Fast Charging Time for Chevy Spark


The primarily inconvenience for an electric vehicle is the charge time. Now with the fast charging, a tremendous difference appeared. The Chevy spark is offering a fast charging option that will charge the vehicle in only 20 minutes. This mean it is more feasible to recharge each electric vehicle when is almost out of range.

The price for Chevy Spark is $25,000 without tax credits and in US will be available in California and Oregon. It will be also available in Canada, South Korea and Europe.

The Chevy Spark electric vehicle is capable to charge almost 80% of its capacity in those 20 minutes with the fast-charging capability instead of using a standard 240 volt outlet which it takes 7 hours.

For connoisseurs, Chevy Spark will be equipped with the Apple Siri agent to assist the driver.

By major future improvement the battery charge time will be decreased due to new design of chargers and because of more powerful and more expensive batteries themselves. The process is open and the challenge is already open.


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