Fiber optic cables to light Delancey Underground proposed park in NY

Fiber-optic-cables-light-Delancey-Underground-park-NYAn interesting project in New York East Side was proposed by James Ramsey and Dan Barasch to use sunlight to illuminate the Delancey Underground (Low Line).

As was described in an article on TreeHugger, the project will use a system of fiber optic cables to collect sunlight above the ground and spread it down into the abandoned trolley station to allow plants to grow.
This way no solar technology is needed, no other energy is produced and the sunlight is transported where is necessary.

The fiber optic cables runs through the ground and end like a bulb which distributes the light. As was described in the article, this wasn’t the only source of light, taking into account cloudy days.

James and Dan launched in March 1 a Kickstarter campaign to reach a $100,000 goal and they raised more than $143,000 to date. Now they are working on a full scale mockup of the park to give people an idea of what the space would really look like.

A simple idea would change completely the place. Let’s see the next move ….


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