Float: a Solar Powered Catamaran for Green Parties on Water

Float-Green-Solar-Powered-CatamaranWhy should only the rich boys get to party over weekends on their giant yachts to give us frustrations?

Well, that seems to be a question that has motivated Jeffrey Greger from San Jose, California to design Float, a Solar Powered Catamaran for Green Parties on Water. The fact that he decided to go green with his design and has not only made it a party on waves but also one that will celebrate a bit of ‘eco-friendly’ spirit.

Float is designed to be carried along with you on top of your car to your nearest lake or a calm beach as you enjoy your very own party on the waves with your buddies. This might not be large, as it accommodates only four people, but it has plenty of other stuff going for it. In-built speakers that stream your music, LED taillights in case you happen to go after sundowner and a very light build that allows you to take it where you want; all come packed with the Float.

Then there is the Solar Panel on top that should charge up your Lithium-Ion battery powered engine which will juice up during the day and can be tapped into at night. There is shade on top, storage space, a cool waterproof controller-pad that shows battery status, steering and music features as well.

Plenty of place to hang back, chill, relax, maybe a quiet romantic evening and even catching up with some old friends along with maybe a few beers to gulp down. Just ensure that you recycle those cans along with tapping into the green energy of Float!

So if this solar powered catamaran will inspire you to use it as well your evenings will be happier.



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