Fourth Transatlantic Flights on Biofuel Performed by Regular Boeing 747-8

Boeing-747-transatlantic-flight-on-biofuelThe first historic biofuel powered transatlantic flight was completed on June 20th by a Boeing 747-Freighter which landed at Paris Le Bourget Airport.

This was the first time when a sizable commercial airplane crossed the Atlantic Ocean using biofuel.

Piloted by captains Keith Otsuka, Rick Braun and Sten Rossby, the unmodified Boeing 747-8 flew from Everett, WA to Le Bourget with all its engines powered by a blend of 15 percent biofuel based on camelina mixed with 85percent of traditional kerosene Jet A fuel.

The airplane was the fourth of five Boeing commercial airplanes in a transatlantic flight to arrive at the Paris in 2011. We were assured that no changes were made to the airplane and their normal flight parameters were followed and approved in advance by the US Federal Aviation Administration.



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