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Bosch Solar Energy presents an innovative system consisting of mounting system and photovoltaic module
Optimized slide-in technology ensures quick and easy installation for frameless thin-film solar modules
• A considerably shorter installation period and up to 40 percent fewer expenses for materials make for low system costs
• Other new products will be presented
Munich – Bosch Solar Energy will be presenting itself at the Intersolar fair in Munich with three new products. The focus is on the new combination of mounting system and micromorphous thin-film solar modules from Bosch, which was developed in cooperation with Bosch Rexroth. The innovative new slide-in system enables the rapid and safe installation of the frameless thin-film solar modules. Tracks are used instead of the usual clamps. The photovoltaic modules are simply inserted into the guide pieces and fastened instantly. This cuts the installation time in half to 15 seconds per module. This means that around twice as many modules can be installed in the same amount of time as one could using a conventional four-point clamping system. Since installation brackets and clamps are no longer required, material costs are also reduced by about 40 percent.
The second new product which is being presented for the first time also simplifies the installation process: The framed micromorphous thin-film solar module Bosch Solar Module µm-Si frame. In contrast to the otherwise standard glass-glass thin-film solar modules, the frame enables an assembly similar to crystalline PV modules with glass-foil-laminate. This makes the framed thin-film solar module considerably lighter than conventional thin-film modules of its size. With a total weight of just 17 kilograms, it is easy to handle and quick to install. The frame enables cost-effective installation with standard mounting systems.
Furthermore, Bosch Solar Energy is presenting a thin-film solar module based on CIS technology for the first time. The CIS thin-film solar module Bosch Solar Module CIS and the Bosch Solar Module CIS frame convince thanks to their classy design, high-quality workmanship and attractive yields. This makes Bosch’s CIS solar modules particularly well-suited for architecturally demanding PV solutions and facade installations. With a total weight of just 10.5 kilograms they are easy to install. Plus: Bosch’s CIS solar modules can be installed with transformerless inverters. This produces greater yields and reduces costs.



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