Funniest Way to Charge You Cell Phone

alternative cell phone charger

Nokia has jus unveiled a pretty cool way to charge your cell phone without reliance on current sources or having to stay plugged anymore- a bicycle charger kit. This could be a big advantage if you’re cyclist.

The Bicycle Charger Kit mounts onto the handlebars of your bike and includes a holder for your cell phone. The charger plugs into the cell phone and then your pedaling does the work. The faster you pedal, the faster the phone charges. At just shy of 4 mph, the charging starts and if you can up your speed to 8 mph, the phone will charge as fast as being plugged into a wall outlet. It works with any Nokia cell phone with the 2mm pin-jack be careful to remove your cell phone when you lock up your bike.

This kit is only for Nokia phones, but I wouldn’t be surprised if other companies adopt the technology soon as well.

So, whether you’re looking for another reason to get on the bike or just searching for an off-grid charging solution, this gadget’s for you. [Nokia]

Source: Gizmodo


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