Germany bets on renewable energy

Germany-renewable-energy-solar-wind-powerGermany produces over 20 percent of all its electricity from renewable energy sources.

Very interesting, more than 51 percent of all renewable energy in Germany is owned by individuals, citizen or farms, totalling $100 billion of private investment in clean energy.

 Moreover, 50percent of solar power utilities are owned by individuals and farms, while 54 percent of its wind power is held by the same groups. Germany has 17 GW of solar power systems versus 3.6GW in the USA.

 The huge lead in solar power installations in Germany over the US is thanks to its good policy, and means a democratic shift in control of resources and a break from the way electricity and energy has been produced over the past century.

 The promotion of renewable energy in Germany rightly gets singled out for its effectiveness, most often by me as an example of how to do things well versus the fits and starts method of promotion common in the US.

 Decentralized power generation makes the world getting smaller while more connected and therefore in a way bigger at the same time… taking a step backwards and perhaps sideways, while moving forwards.



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