Gigantic French Solar Farm Built By Enfinity

Les-Mees-solar-farm-enfinitySouthern department of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence is the host of a biggest European photovoltaic park opened in Les Mées.

Not as much as Google First 392MW solar farm project in Mohave Desert but very important at the European level.

The photovoltaic park built by Enfinity, a Belgian company, will cover 200 hectares to produce around 100MW with its solar panels by the end of the year.

Les Mées photovoltaic park project is one of the largest created by Enfinity and has additional advantages. For the implementation of solar farm they didn’t use it concrete foundations and the design allow to be graze by sheep, this way solar double cropping is taken to the extreme. To put into plan this concept of a solar farm Enfinity invested about €70m.

The creators of the solar farm claim huge advantages of the location, in terms of energy output: “The solar power stations were installed on the Puimichel plateau (municipality of Les Mées) – one of the most favourable areas of France for solar exposure, yielding up to 1,556 kWh/m² annually. In addition the sites’ altitude of 800 metres ensures ideal ventilation, which in turn guarantees an optimal output of 10 to 15% above average.”



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