Global Warming Evidence in a Single Graphic


A summary graphic of just some evidence for global warming is showed in this picture adapted from “The Guide to Global Warming Skepticism”.

This is a globally coherent fingerprint of climate changes impacts across natural systems (Parmesan & Yohe 2003). This paper looks at climate changes in a whole range of systems, including more than 1700 species. What they find is the distribution of plants and animals are shifting towards the poles around 6 kilometres per decade. Spring events are advancing just over 2 days per decade.

Animals are also mating earlier and this is because of global warming, not because they’re getting randier.

The paper also serves as a visual reminder that you need to consider all the evidence to understand what’s happening to our climate changes. Signs of global warming are being found not only all over the globe but in many different systems. Ice sheets are shrinking. Tree-lines are shifting towards the poles and up mountains. Glaciers are retreating. Spring is coming earlier. Species are migrating to cooler regions.

And other signs of climate changes show us every day and are not mentioned in.



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