Green Home Using Solar Power and Water Recycling Technology

solar-powered-green-homeThere is a particular reason why we love this home using solar power that was an entry in the Solar Decathlon Competition 2010.

While in case of most green home designs, the structure is put up first and the solar power energy is integrated wherever possible, in the case of this particular design, the blueprint of the home hinges on solar power. That makes one thing very clear to everyone who lays their eyes on it – This is built to tap into green and clean energy.

The defining feature of this home is its roof that is completely integrated with solar panels and unlike in the case of a flat rooftop, is designed to get the maximum possible solar power energy out of the sunshine. With a curved surface that seems to cover a greater angle, the sun rays are perpendicular to the photovoltaic cells for the better part of the day and hence giving the greatest output.

This cool home not only depends on solar power for all its electric needs, but also uses water recycling technology actively to ensure that they do not waste natural resources as much as possible. Systems like greywater recycling and rainwater harvesting are in place to meet with water needs even during times of scarcity. Of course, the interiors are all made from natural wood available locally and the sleek interiors should impress you even further.

Made for ideally two people to live in, this house which uses solar power seems like a modular structure that can repeat itself to create a whole colony of such eco-friendly homes.



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