Heated socks powered by solar power to reach South Pole

solar-powered-heated-socksA team of cross country adventurers are skiing their way to South Pole.

This is the first attempt made by an adaptive athlete to reach the South Pole on ski. His name is Grant Korgan and has some trouble with his spinal cord, has no control of his legs from the knees down and has poor circulation in his feet.

The simple solution to keep his feet warm in such conditions, with outdoor temperature under zero, is to rely on solar power, a Goal Zero photovoltaic system and some Therm-ic high tech heated socks.

Korgan relies on Amprobe thermocouples to control the temperature of each foot. He wears battery powered heated socks made by Austrian company Therm-ic. The inside temperature of heated socks can be adjusted based on the outdoor temperature. The battery can be recharged using solar power, Korgan choose to use a Goal Zero Sherpa 120 Adventure Kit. Being the summer time in the Antarctic hemisphere the Sun is shining entire day and is good to harness solar power for clean energy.

The Push team is experiencing temperatures under -40 Celsius degrees, sticky snow, poor visibility and never ending white and blue. Their goal is to reach South Pole by January 17th, as the bottom of the world with adaptive athletes.

You can follow along on their journey on The Push’s facebook page.



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