Helicopter Powered by Hydrogen

Hydrogen peroxide helicopterA hydrogen-powered, zero-carbon-emission and environmentally friendly but expensive helicopter has been designed and realized by Avimech International Aircraft, a private company categorized as Aircraft Equipment Parts and Supplies-Manufacturers and located in Tucson, AZ.

Avimech has combined two ideas: a rocket and a helicopter and it created a cute little personal aviation machine baptized it as ‘Dragonfly DF1.’ The idea to utilize hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and a catalyst has been around for some time, but to use it to power this hybrid version of a rocket in a helicopter is the concept of Avimech.

The helicopter weighing just 230 lb is powered by hydrogen peroxide-powered rocket motors, instead of conventional fixed motor attached to the body, that are manufactured by jetpack maker, Tecaeromex. The motors are 8-inch long and they can generate 102 hp which helps the aircraft peak a speed of 100 knots. The hydrogen peroxide is diluted to about 50-70%. And when the catalyst reacts with the hydrogen peroxide, only water vapor gets released and no other harmful emission occurs.

The amazing machine has voluminous fuel tanks surrounding the pilot that supply 70% hydrogen peroxide fuel to the rockets. Helicopter’s non-burning hydrogen peroxide thrusters help power the craft to stay aloft for 50 minutes at the speed of 40mph.

Its maximum aloft time is extendable with an optional extra fuel tank. Also, with a top seed of 185km/h, Dragonfly can climb at 700m/min up to a ceiling of 4000 meters. When it’s empty, the darn thing weighs merely 106kg and it can carry up to 227kg, including pilot and fuel.

Hydrogen peroxide-powered rocket motors produce no pollution, are easy to fly, easier to maintain, safe (no moving parts) and more stable to its conventional counterparts. Even when it’s the same throttle lever, but there is a motorbike-like control bar added to tilt the rotor head to control the flight direction and rotation.  So the time has come to fly on your own.



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